Fundraising Policy

Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
1165 County Road D,  Almond, WI. 54909




The following policy was adopted by the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, (organization), in its Voters’ Assembly/Board meeting held on (date) February 18, 2015.


It is hereby resolved, that the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church adopt a Fund Raising Policy, as described in the following terms and conditions:


All fund raising activities which take place on the church premises must be in support of ministries and programs that are sponsored by St. John’s and consistent with our mission, vision and values.  Prior approval to conduct a fund raiser is required Church President and/or Church Council.


The following fund raising activities will not be sponsored by St. John’s nor allowed on the church premises:


  1. Fund raisers based upon a home party concept including, but not limited to: Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Creative Memories, Home Interiors, Stampin’ Up, and Partylite, etc.  Because several members of the congregation may be consultants for these organizations, we do not wish to discriminate among them in fund raising activities.
  2. Fund raisers where the business of a church member or ministry participant personally benefits financially.  This is not intended to exclude fund raisers where the purpose is to raise financial support for a congregation member in need.
  3. Fund raisers conducted by outside groups to benefit their own organizations, unless the outside organization is a non-profit, Christian ministry organization supported by St. John’s or with which St. John’s has a ministry partnership (i.e. Gideons International, etc.).


An on-going annual event need only make a first time application given the nature of the fund raiser does not change significantly.


Exceptions to this policy may be considered by the Church Council.


Request and Approval


The form, Fund Raising Request (attachment A), must be completed to initiate approval to hold a fund raising activity sponsored by St. John’s and/or held on the church premises.


The Church President is the person ultimately responsible for the administration of this policy, therefore must assure that the request is within the guidelines of the policy


If a request is received that is not clearly addressed in the policy, the Church President will make a determination.  If a decision changes the content of this policy, it will require Church Council approval.


Processing of Contributions


If no tangible benefit is provided to the donor in exchange for their contribution, the donation is tax deductible and the donor should receive credit on their contribution statement.  To assure that this happens, the coordinator can prepare a list of donors to the fundraiser including name, address and amount of donation.


If the fundraiser involves the sale of an item, the donor is not entitled to contribution credit.